Our Team

Eric | Co-founder & Ranchers Liaison

Eric is a native Montana rancher. As a child, he went to school with kids who dreamed of big cities beyond Wilsall, but Eric wanted to be here. Wilsall, Montana, is his home and ranching is what he loves. His father taught him that cattle’s needs come first; before he gets his breakfast, the cattle get theirs. If he is thirsty, then he checks to see if the cattle need water. Eric is not only great with cattle but can fix any kind of machinery and is accomplished on horseback.

Eric makes sure that Ranchers are taken care and that their beef meets our high standards.

“I work the Robinson Ranch because I believe in it. I believe in working with my hands to create something, I like watching things grow and thrive. I want a better life and I want to be a better rancher. I like taking care of the land and the people who depend on it.”

Georgina | Co-founder & Operation Manager

Georgina is passionate about food and sustainability, with Shield Valley Ranchers offering the perfect conjunction of the two. Prior to this position, Georgina interned in business operations and sales, at Instawork, a Silicon Valley Startup. For the past year in New York City, she worked in sales at Treelicious Orchard.  She graduated honors Cum Laude from Fordham University in New York City, with a degree in Philosophy. Her family moved to Montana and after trying home-raised Montana beef for the first time, she couldn’t go back. 

“I try to be conscious about my impact and what I consume. I am concerned that many of us are dissociated from our food and it’s origin. When I eat home-raised Shields Valley beef, I am reminded of Montana’s big sky views. When I cook Shields Valley beef, I am proud to know where it came from and how it got to me. I hope for others to have access to these tastes of Montana.”

Juliana | Co-founder

Juliana grew up in central New York on a Christmas tree farm, where she was involved in all the aspects of the business. Her grandpa was a veterinarian and dairy famers; Juliana spent many hours at his animal hospital and around the dining table, discussing animals and farming. Juliana moved to Montana, where she earned several degrees in School Psychology and Special Education and also fell in love with Montana and its way of life.

“I am glad to be a part of Shields Valley Ranchers as I believe someone needs to advocate for agriculture. Meat just doesn’t come from a supermarket, it came from someone’s ranch or farm before that. I think you can taste the difference between meat that has been shipped off to large, faceless stockyards and meat that was cared for on the family operation. I believe everyone should have meat that has the secret ingredient that ours has; love” 

Noah | Web Specialist

Since 2015, Noah has done many creative projects including: logos, websites (including this one), posters, motion graphics, tabletop games, album covers—you name it,  he’s probably done it. With all of his projects, he enjoys making things that are creative, energetic, and professional.

He is the man behind Shields’ website.

“I am really happy to be part of this project. I want to use my skills to help promote small businesses, as well as healthier eating! I feel that one way is to help people to get in touch with local ranchers. This way, clients can eat healthy sustainable meat and ranchers are can finally get what they deserve. Thank you for your support! “