Lovely Ranch

From desert to a Lovely Ranch

A Lovely Story

The love for Lovely ranch has been passed down for over a 100 years. Many things have changed yet a constant is the love the Lovely’s have for the land and the cattle.  Moab Lovely started the ranch with backbreaking work digging ditches and improving the land in order to claim it in the Desert Land Act. 

The faces on the ranch have changed over the years as it was passed from family member to family member;  father to son, brother to brother. Larry Lovely is currently running the ranch. He took over from his father Wendell Lovely in 1979. Wendell helped out on the ranch until the day of his death in 2015. The love for the ranch has been passed to Larry’s sons and grandchildren who can not wait to come visit their papa and nana every chance they get.  

Lovely house

Tasting notes

Lovely beef is some of the most flavorful, tender and enjoyable meat. Melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more. Pairs well with BBQs, date nights, and family dinners.

Cheryl Lovely Robinson, Larry’s sister, wrote a poem for the ranch’s 100th anniversary in 1989

Beneath the crazy mountains
In a meadow open and bare
A Lovely man, stopped one day
And settled his family there
There were good times
There were bad times
There was no time at all
But in the end, it came to pass
The family did not fall
And so it is, we celebrate
A hundred years, they say
And July 1989
Is truly a Lovely day