4 Diamond Ranch

Our mission:
Produce high quality grass finished beef

Our History

Nestled between the Crazy and Bridger Mountains in the picturesque Shields Valley, the 4 Diamond Ranch was founded in 2014 by a family new to ranching.  From the beginning their goal for the ranch was not only to be a financially viable ag operation but do so while being good stewards of the land and a valued member of the local community.  

To achieve this the owners brought in Jim Willis and his family to manage the ranch.  Jim has had a lifelong career in agriculture, from growing up on his family’s dairy farm to working on and managing an array of diverse agricultural operations.  The Willis’ were drawn to this position not only by the stunning beauty and wonderful people of the Shield Valley but by the chance to try a different way of ranching.

So it was that in 2016 the 4 Diamond Ranch began a mission to produce high quality grass finished beef using innovative grazing and cattle management techniques while employing the best of traditional western ranching practices.  The ranch has expanded the grass finishing enterprise to the point that all the cattle are marketed as grass fed.

Joining with the Shields Valley Ranchers is a good fit for the 4 Diamond not only because of the shared values of community, land stewardship, and animal care but also the chance to reconnect consumers with where their food comes from.

Tasting notes

4 Diamond Ranch beef is delightfully tender, juicy and rich in flavour.  Our grass-fed beef is nurtured by a caring team, fresh air and a big sky.  Best enjoyed in the company of family and friends!