Our Ranchers

Robinson Ranch

“Our family has been ranching for generations and we hope that by preserving our history and values, we can pass down a successful Robinson Ranch to the next generation. Robinson beef is raised with the utmost care. Thought goes into the impact on the land, the environment and the livestock themselves. Without those key pillars, Robinson Ranch would cease to exist.”

4 Diamond Ranch

Nestled between the Crazy and Bridger Mountains in the picturesque Shields Valley, the 4 Diamond Ranch was founded in 2014 by a family new to ranching.  From the beginning their goal for the ranch was not only to be a financially viable ag operation but do so while being good stewards of the land and a valued member of the local community. 

HR Cattle

The Dunkels are second-generation Montana ranchers. The entire family works on the ranch, including mom, dad, grandpa, and two young teen sons. It is important for the Dunkels to raise their children on the ranch, since it is not just a job but a way of life: “it is a privilege to care for the animals and the land.”  Mrs. Dunkel explains that she cannot imagine passing on the sense of responsibility and privilege to the future generation of ranchers.